2-1-1/United Way of Howard County

keywords 2-1-1/United Way of Howard County is an accredited comprehensive information and referral that provides service to Howard, Tipton, Miami and Cass Counties. 2-1-1's are primarily funded by United Way and assisted by the 2-1-1 Council, made up of community volunteers.

2-1-1 connects people to vital human services and information about job training, educational resources, housing and food assistance, services for veterans and so much more. During disasters, 2-1-1 becomes a central hub, providing information on how to give and get help. It's easy, fast and effective.

2-1-1 United Way of Howard County responded to over 13,504 calls in 2013. Each caller receives information about community resources specific to their situation, which resulted in 22,221 referrals to available services in Howard, Tipton, Miami and Cass Counties.

Because requests for referral information continues to increase each year, you can now search our database yourself. Find resources available in Howard, Cass, Miami, Tipton and Clinton Counties in Indiana. Browse by service category, keyword or agency/program right here! The following services are available and referred to by 2-1-1.

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